Safe Kids

The PG&E Safe Kids Program provides teachers and students free educational materials on how to stay safe around natural gas and electricity. The materials adhere to national and state teaching standards and support a variety of learning styles. Individual and group learning activities, facilitated discussions, experiments, quizzes and interactive online games help to teach students important energy safety practices.

Program highlights include:

  • Comprehensive downloadable teachers’ guides
  • Pre-and post-tests that help teachers create an energy safety education plan tailored to their students’ need
  • A fun, dedicated students’ website for children in grades K-8, suitable for classroom or home use; and
  • A selection of 16 educational safety booklets for grades K-8, all in English and some in Spanish, including:
    • Aunt Sarah and the Amazing Power, Electricity and Natural Gas (grades K-2)
    • Stay Safe Around Electricity and Natural Gas (grades 3-4)
    • Experiments to Explore Electricity (grades 3-6)
    • Electrical & Natural Gas Safety World (grades 4-6)
    • The Shocking Truth About Electricity and Natural Gas (grades 5-6)
    • Science and Safety of Electricity and Natural Gas (grades 6-8)

Visit PG&E's Safe Kids website for teacher's materials, classroom back-up materials, lesson plans and pre/post tests.