Putting Down Roots in Earthquake Country: Your Handbook for the San Francisco Bay Region



The Bay Area is "Earthquake Country"

Why Should I Care?—The Bay Area is Your Home

There are many faults in the Bay Area certain to produce large earthquakes in the future. All Bay Area communities are at risk from the damaging effects of quakesstrong shaking, landsliding, and liquefaction. Scientists estimate that there is more than a 60% chance of a damaging earthquake striking the region in the next 30 years.

Why Should I Prepare?—Big Quakes Will Affect You

The disastrous 1989 magnitude 6.9 Loma Prieta earthquake was not the "Big One"! If you do not prepare for the next big quake in the Bay Area, you and your family could be left without a home, food and water, medical supplies, and financial resources. START PREPARING NOW!

What Should I Do?—Follow the Seven Steps to Earthquake

  • STEP 1. Identify potential hazards in your home and begin to fix them.
  • STEP 2. Create a disaster-preparedness plan.
  • STEP 3. Create disaster kits.
  • STEP 4. Identify your buildings potential weaknesses and begin to fix them.
  • STEP 5. Protect yourself during earthquake shaking.
  • STEP 6. After the quake, check for injuries and damage.
  • STEP 7. When safe, continue to follow your disaster-preparedness plan.

What Else Should I Know?