Electric Office Equipment Safety


  • Do not place electric cords under floor covering, where they can be walked on or damage can go unnoticed.
  • Check for cords that are broken, frayed, damaged or tied in knots, or that have melted insulation. Have them repaired or replaced promptly.
  • Use extension cords with three-pronged plugs for office equipment requiring grounding.
  • Insert and remove plugs by grasping the plug. Pulling on the cord could damage it. Be careful not to let fingers touch the metal prongs.


  • Do not overload an outlet with too much office equipment.
  • Put safety covers over unused electric outlets. This is particularly important if you have children visiting your office. Never let children play around outlets.

Electric Heaters

It is important to keep all materials that can burn away from heating sources.

  • Do not hang clothes to dry on or near your heater or heating vent.
  • Avoid placing office furniture close to heaters.
  • Use only office equipment with the Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) symbol. This symbol shows that the product has been safety-tested.

Electricity and Water

Electricity and water can be a lethal combination. If electrical equipment falls into a sink of water or you touch electrical equipment with wet hands or while standing in water, you risk severe electric shock and possibly death.

  • Never use radios (except small battery-powered ones), TVs or hair dryers near sinks or toilets.
  • Always dry your hands before touching electrical equipment.