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Greater awareness

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Key tips

Having SmartMeter™ technology has changed how our customers use energy. Here are some ways you can be more aware of your energy habits:

  • Go online and see how and when energy was used.
  • See how much power you’re using when appliances – like the air conditioner – are running.
  • Share SmartMeter™ data with your family to explain the importance of turning off appliances – gas and electric - after use.

With SmartMeter™ technology, it’s easy to see when and how much energy you are using. This way you and your family can make informed decisions on ways to conserve energy.

Energy Alerts are another way you can become more aware of your energy usage.

More power to you

What You Can Learn

SmartMeter™ data provides your energy use information, up to the previous day. Now, you don’t have to wait for your monthly bill to see what you are consuming.

Making the Most of SmartMeter™ Technology

With SmartMeter™ data, you can be more aware of the energy you use. It’s easy to pinpoint times of the day where your use is higher, making it easier for you to make adjustments that can save energy and money.

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