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Ron Hunter's Story

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Ron’s Tip

Know what you’re using. Know what you need.

SmartMeter™ hourly visualizations helped Terri to discover a spike in her energy use every afternoon, and identify exactly what was causing it. She was running three pool pumps when she only needed to run one.

  • Be aware of the appliances in your home, and work out which ones you can use less, or not at all.
  • Compare your energy use to others and see what measures you can take to save money and energy.

Keeping a close eye on your energy consumption using SmartMeter™ data can help you find easy and surprising ways to reduce your energy use.

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More power to you

What You Can Learn from Terri.

It’s easy to assume that you use only as much energy as you need. But, when you keep track of how much energy individual appliances in your home use, you’ll start thinking differently. The result can be energy conservation that will have long-term positive effects on our planet, and an immediate positive effect on your monthly energy bill.

Making the Most of SmartMeter™ Technology

Day by day, hour by hour you can visualize how your everyday behavior directly affects your energy bill. With SmartMeter™ data it’s easy to pinpoint the times that energy use peaks and identify the devices that cause those peaks.

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