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Customer Stories

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SmartMeter™ stories

  • Anja from Bakersfield

    has gotten her children to get into energy savings habits like turning off unused lights.

  • Ashkon from Granite Bay

    is able to see their hourly and daily consumption and find energy consumption culprits.

  • Bob from Woodland

    is on a mission to unplug unused devices and eliminate phantom load.

  • Larry from Daly City

    has used the hourly visualizations to figure out that his daughter's laundry was causing spikes in energy.

  • Terri from Rocklin

    realized that she was powering three pieces of equipment when one would have done the job.

  • Jim from Bakersfield

    used SmartMeter™ technology to find ways to make his money go further.

  • Jim from Fremont

    found ways to get just as much done, but use less energy doing it.

SmartMeter™ customer testimonials

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