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Bob's Story

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Bob’s Tip

Pull The Plug. Cut The Waste.

SmartMeter™ hourly visualizations helped Bob keep a close eye on the ways his family used energy every day. And find a simple way that they could all waste less.

  • If you’re not using gadgets and appliances, don’t just let them sleep or turn them off– unplug them. You may be surprised how much energy you’ll save.

It may seem obvious, but keeping track of energy consumption using SmartMeter™ data can surprise you. And help you find easy and unexpected ways to reduce you’re the amount of energy your family uses.

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What You Can Learn from Bob.

It’s easy just to let gadgets and appliances sleep. But, when you’re aware of how much energy is consumed by the stuff you’re not even using you’ll start thinking differently. The result is long term energy saving for the planet, and immediate money saving on your energy bill each month.

Making the Most of SmartMeter™ Technology

Now it’s easy to visualize how your everyday behavior directly affects your energy bill. With SmartMeter™ data you can quickly pinpoint where energy is being used in your home when it doesn’t need to be.

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