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Ashkon's Story

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Ashkon’s Tip

Gain More Knowledge In. Use Less Energy.

SmartMeter™ data helped Ashkon visualize and understand the way he used energy throughout the day, and track down the big consumption culprits.

  • Be aware of the appliances that use the most power throughout the day, like air conditioning and heating.
  • If you don’t need to keep them running, turn them off.

It may seems obvious, but keeping a close eye on consumption using SmartMeter™ data can surprise you, and help you find simple ways to reduce your energy use.

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More power to you

What You Can Learn from Ashkon.

It’s easy to turn on heating or air conditioning and just forget about it. But, when you’re aware of how much energy individual appliances use, you’ll start thinking differently. The results are long term benefits for the planet, and personal benefits you’ll see immediately. Like a lower energy bill each month.

Making the Most of SmartMeter™ Technology

Now it’s easy to visualize how your everyday behavior directly affects your energy bill. With SmartMeter™ data you can to pinpoint the times of day that energy use peaks, and identify the appliances that consume the most energy.

Keep Track in My Energy

SmartMeter™ technology can help you see how much energy you're using and when you're using it.

To make the most of your SmartMeter™ log into My Energy and we’ll show you all kinds of ways you can save money and energy.

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