Community Involvement

Vegetation Management Supports our Community & Environment

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The National Arbor Day Foundation has recognized PG&E as a national leader in tree care since 1995.

If you would like volunteers from PG&E’s Vegetation Management Department to participate in your event, please let us know. Click here to submit a request.

Inter-Agency Cooperation

  • On Earth Day 2006, nearly 1000 PG&E volunteers planted trees, restored native habitat and cleaned the beaches in 12 California parks with the collaboration of the National Parks Service.
  • In 2006 PG&E partnered with Cal Poly to create SelecTree’s Utility Precautions page and update the tree selection database. Providing an excellent internet resource to help the public choose the Right Tree for the Right Place.
  • In 2006 PG&E’s Vegetation Management partnered with Nevada County Resource Conservation District to produce a vegetation management guide for homeowners. Click here for a PDF version of How to Manage the Vegetation on your Property (PDF, 1 MB).
  • In 2005, PG&E also partnered with California Department of Forestry to develop a California Fire Safety DVD, Controlling Nature’s Wrath – California Living: Fire Safe. Click here to view the video in QuickTime format.

Dedicated to Protecting the Environment

PG&E fully cooperates with all state and federal laws to ensure vegetation activities do not interfere with endangered species and habitats. We have developed best management practices to protect migratory birds, elderberry beetle habitat and prevent the spread of Sudden Oak Death.

Involved in your Community

  • At Arbor Day celebrations across California, PG&E distributed hundreds of power line friendly trees, shrubs and educational literature.
  • In conjunction with Arbor Day, Vegetation Management volunteers went to local schools in San Mateo and provided trees for planting, Safetree information and Frisbees to the student council.
  • For the last several years, Vegetation Management representatives demonstrated the “Zapper” display of trees and power lines to teach children at Fresno schools how to be safe around power lines.
  • In 2007, Vegetation Management partnered with select Costco stores in Northern California to promote planting The Right Tree in the Right Place. Informational posters were hung near Queen Palms and Redwoods letting shoppers know they would be unsuitable planted near power lines.
  • In San Luis Obispo County, VM volunteers participated in a joint county wide seminar with the local Fire Safe Council to educate homeowners in protecting their homes and land from wildfire.

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