Customers interested in offering electric vehicle charging for their employees or customers, fleet charging or public charging should review the additional considerations listed below:

Charging level: In addition to AC Level 1 and AC Level 2 charging, non-residential customers can install a DC Fast Charging station. DC Fast Charging is at a significantly higher power rating, ranging from 20 kW to 80kW. This can charge a battery to 80% capacity within 20 to 30 minutes. DC Fast Charging requires 480 volts. Check with PG&E as the voltage required may not be readily available.

Site planning: The number of chargers required depends on the number of electric vehicles to be charged and the desired charging level. Since AC Level 2 charges more slowly than DC Fast Charging, more charging stations, land and service infrastructure may be required. DC Fast Charging will raise the cost for service infrastructure because of the significant load it generates. However, it may reduce amount of land required and other construction costs.

The number of chargers and charging levels will determine the charging requirement at your location. Customers should plan for future charging stations since installing extra circuits and additional electrical capacity during initial construction will minimize total costs.

Rate Options: There are currently no electric vehicle rate options available for customers interested in non-residential charging. Therefore, customers must be placed on one of the general service rate schedules. The applicable rate schedule depends on energy load. Please refer to our tariffs page for details on available general service rates.

Please refer to our non-residential charging guide to obtain more detailed information.

Contact PG&E at 1-877-PGE-SRVC (1-877-743-7782) Monday – Friday from 7 a.m. – 6 p.m. to start an application. You may also apply online:

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