Please call us 30 days in advance to the delivery of your vehicle
1-877-743-7782, Monday - Friday from 7 a.m. – 6 p.m.

You may also apply for service online:

Benefits of Contacting PG&E:

Answer your questions: The electric vehicle E-9 rates can be difficult to understand. A call center representative can answer your questions before you apply for service.

Save money: The electric vehicle E-9 rates were designed specifically for Plug-In Electric Vehicle customers. By opting for a time-of-use rate, you may be able to save money by charging your vehicle during off-peak hours.

Prevent outages at your home: The rating of your electrical service wire needs to exceed the rating of your electrical panel(s). If the existing electrical service wire does not have adequate capacity to serve the added load of the PEV, the home owner is at risk of damaging the service wire. This would result in an extended power outage to your home as PG&E upgrades your service.

By notifying us of your PEV charging plans, we can assess your electrical service to ensure you have adequate capacity and make any necessary upgrades.

Prevent neighborhood service disruptions: One PEV charging at AC Level 2 adds at least as much load to our infrastructure as a single residence. Many regions in our service territory have service wires and transformers that are not designed for such significant additional load.

By notifying us of your PEV purchase, we can make any necessary upgrades and ensure our system is adequate in order to provide you electricity without disruption.

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