Hunters Point Power Plant Closure and Cleanup

Local Hiring and Sustainability


PG&E has implemented sustainability and local hiring practices benefitting workers, the community and the environment. Those practices include:

  • Transporting excavated soil by rail from the railyard located close to the site on Cargo Way, which has reduced greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 5,000 metric tons.
  • Recycling more than 100,000 tons of waste (since the project began).
  • Having one of the top local hiring programs in San Francisco. The Hunters Point project had a goal that a minimum of 30 percent of labor be from the local community. This goal has been met or exceeded every year the project has been active, typically reaching about 40 percent. Since 2006, over $23 million has been spent in the local community on wages and services.

PG&E is proud of the local jobs that have been created at the site since the plant closed. PG&E coordinates its community hiring program with the City of San Francisco's CityBuild program and local labor leaders. For more information about CityBuild and the services they offer, including job opportunities throughout the City of San Francisco, call (415) 401-4889 or go to CityBuild's website.

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