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Hunters Point Power Plant Closure and Cleanup

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Hunters Point site?

The former power plant site is a 30-acre property located at 1000 Evans Avenue in the Hunters Point neighborhood of San Francisco.

Who is overseeing the project?

The project is being overseen by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), the City and County of San Francisco and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District with input from the community.

What is the current status of the project?

PG&E has completed (1) more than 95 percent of the soil cleanup work and (2) groundwater treatment in the on-site areas. In 2014, work is focusing on completing groundwater treatment in the off-site area and working with DTSC and the community to develop a cleanup plan for the Shoreline Area. In addition, a fuel oil pipeline that runs adjacent to Cargo Way is being closed in fall 2014.

How will work impact neighbors and the community?

PG&E is committed to protecting the health of the public, workers and the environment during the project and minimizing the impact of activities on the community. To do this, PG&E is working with regulators, contractors and the community.

What is the future use of the site?

We continue to work with the community to implement plans and programs for short term use (known as interim use). In November of 2013, a portion of the site (near Heron’s Head Park) became a staging area for interim use programming. Multiple interim use events are being held in 2014. We will also be exploring opportunities for new internships and environmental stewardship programs at the site as part of our interim use program. There are currently no long term plans for the future of the site.

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