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Manufactured Gas Plants

Former San Luis Obispo Manufactured Gas Plant and Adjacent Substation

As part of a voluntary program under the oversight of the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), PG&E is conducting an environmental investigation and cleanup activities at two properties located within the block bound by Pacific, Walker and Pismo Streets in San Luis Obispo.

A manufactured gas plant (MGP) historically operated at what is known as the “Walker/Pismo Street” property. The other property, located at 251 Pacific Street, once housed an operating PG&E substation and communications center.

During summer 2010, PG&E deconstructed and removed one building at the 251 Pacific Street property. Cleanup work included soil excavation and removal, in accordance with a remediation plan that was approved by DTSC after a public review and comment period.

Work has also taken place at the former MGP property. PG&E performed a series of environmental investigations, most recently in spring 2012. Additional investigation or remediation may be conducted, based on sampling results. PG&E is currently preparing a remedial (cleanup) action plan for DTSC’s review.

PG&E is working with DTSC and the City of San Luis Obispo to clean up these properties in a way that conserves natural resources, is energy efficient, minimizes waste, limits the environmental impact, and creates less of an impact on the surrounding communities. Sustainable practices that are being used throughout these projects include:

  • Conducting work on two projects concurrently to minimize onsite presence
  • Using vehicles with cleaner fuels to minimize emissions
  • Recycling materials during building deconstruction
  • Minimizing traffic in the neighborhood
  • Maximizing use of local vendors
  • Promoting use of subcontractors with established sustainable programs and practices

The San Luis Obispo MGP operated from 1903 until 1918, and was dismantled in 1926. PG&E acquired the property after the MGP closed, and subsequently sold it. PG&E repurchased it in 2009 to conduct this investigation. PG&E operated the substation and communications center at 251 Pacific Street from 1928 to 1980.

Additional Resources:

Site-related documents can also be found at:
San Luis Obispo Public Library, 995 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo (805-781-5989)

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