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Manufactured Gas Plants

Former Oakdale Manufactured Gas Plant

A PG&E service center operates today at the former Oakdale MGP site

PG&E is working to address environmental impacts at the site of a former manufactured gas plant (MGP) historically located at 811 West J Street in Oakdale, California. The former Oakdale MGP operated from 1913 to 1930. PG&E acquired the plant in 1928 and operated it until its closure. The plant was completely dismantled by 1945 and the PG&E Oakdale Service Center has operated on-site since about 1933. All work is being conducted voluntarily by PG&E and is being overseen by the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC).

PG&E has performed several phases of investigation at the site to help determine the extent of MGP residues left in soil, soil gas (air in between soil particles) and groundwater. Work was conducted in summer 2009 to remove impacted soil from landscaped areas and remediation of a neighboring property was completed in summer 2010. Additional remediation was conducted at the Oakdale High School athletic field across the street from the site in July 2012.

PG&E will begin a second phase of on-site remediation work in October 2014 that will last approximately five months. During this work, PG&E will excavate impacted soil and backfill these areas with clean soil. Area residents and businesses may experience some short-term noise and vibrations typical of heavy construction work as well as a small increase in area truck traffic. Throughout the project, the company will work to reduce impacts and minimize disruptions to nearby homes, schools and businesses.

PG&E will continue to keep the community informed about this project through fact sheets, work notices and other outreach, as appropriate.

Additional Resources:

Site-related documents can also be found at:
Oakdale Public Library, 151 South 1st Street, Oakdale (209-847-4204)

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