NGV Rates

Pacific Gas and Electric Company business customers have three rate options:

  • G-NGV1 (PDF, 88 KB) - Applies to the sale of uncompressed natural gas. Customers buy the gas at this rate and then compress it at their own location.
  • G-NGV2 (PDF, 87 KB) - Applies to the sale of compressed natural gas (CNG) at PG&E-owned stations.
  • G-NGV4 (PDF, 96 KB) - Applies to the transportation of gas to customer-owned CNG stations by a third party. This is a noncore rate Definition and the customer must have maintained an average monthly use, through a single meter, in excess of 20,800 therms during the previous twelve months. Customers must procure gas supply from a supplier other than PG&E.

See California and Federal Incentives and Laws for information for your locale.

For nearly all NGV drivers, the most cost-effective way to operate on natural gas is to use existing public CNG stations in your area, however individuals who are considering owning and operating CNG fueling stations will have a slightly more complicated financial analysis to compare fuel prices. Generally, this involves taking the price of the uncompressed natural gas and adding the costs of owning, operating, and maintaining the compression equipment. This cost can then be compared by using the appropriate conversion factor tool, to the customer's cost of liquid fuel, including underground storage costs, dispensing costs, maintenance and monitoring expenses.

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