Fueling Your NGV

There are many different natural gas fueling options within PG&E's service territory. Compressed natural gas fueling is available at public retail stations, private onsite stations owned by fleet operators, "card lock" stations operated by retailers that require a proprietary card to access the dispensers, and small home refueling units such as Phill installed at homes and businesses.

For medium and heavy-duty applications liquefied natural gas (LNG) may be a fueling option. Call our Clean Air Transportation Help Line at 1(800)684-4648 to contact your local program manager for more information.

Natural gas delivered by PG&E is measured in standard cubic feet, a volumetric measurement, and then converted into therms, directly reflecting the amount of energy that was delivered. The national gasoline gallon equivalent conversion factor (GGE), is 1.276 therms = 1 GGE.

A refueling station may be installed wherever natural gas is available.

There are two types of natural gas refueling stations: "quick fill" and "time fill." Compressor stations with "quick fill" capability can refuel an NGV in three to seven minutes, which is comparable to gasoline fill times. These types of stations are found at "card lock" (hover definition) stations, public stations and private on site stations.

A "time fill" station generally requires overnight to refuel, or from five to eight hours. "Time fill" stations are generally found at private onsite locations and in homes and businesses. Stations can use a combination of both "quick fill" and "time fill" if the application fits the needs of the fleet or NGV owner.

To find out the details to open an account, click on How to Open A PG&E CNG Fueling Account.