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Transition to Peak Day Pricing began May 2010

On this page, you can find details about the transition to Peak Day Pricing, Peak Day Pricing Event Day Tips and available Tools & Resources specifically for Large Commercial and Industrial Businesses.

Looking for more details about Peak Day Pricing? Check out the plan details and learn about Peak Day Pricing Event Days.

Transition Details

Beginning May 2010, Large Commercial and Industrial Businesses customers on a time-of-use rate automatically transitioned to Peak Day Pricing. All customers have the ability to opt out of Peak Day Pricing by choosing an alternative time-of-use rate.

In order to transition to Peak Day Pricing, Large Commercial and Industrial accounts must:

  • Receive bundled service from PG&E.
  • Currently be on a time-of-use rate with PG&E.
  • Have an interval meter (e.g. SmartMeter™) and 12 months of billing data from that meter on file.
  • Have demand of 200 kW or more for three consecutive months in the last 12 months.

Customers who participate in Direct Access or net metering are not eligible for Peak Day Pricing. Additional exceptions apply.

Customers are now eligible to participate in Peak Day Pricing and a qualifying Demand Response program. Download (PDF, 203 KB) the Dual Participation fact sheet to learn more.

Save energy during Peak Day Pricing Event Days

Peak Day Pricing Event Days are called with approximately 24-hour notice, to provide you enough time to make changes to your activities that will reduce energy demand and help enhance system reliability. Here are just a few good energy reduction practices to get you started:

Energy Reduction Tips

  • Turn off all non-essential indoor/outdoor lighting, signage, window displays and office equipment not in use.

  • Turn off all decorative features, such as fountains, lighting and ambient audio and video displays.

  • Pre-cool work areas, then cycle constant air volume heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) units or temporarily reset static pressure in variable air volume HVAC units, and turn off ceiling fans and room fans.

  • Load-cycle, temperature reset, or pre-cool the package AC units in your facility if possible. Some facilities with package AC units can do load-cycling, temperature reset, and possibly pre-cooling.

  • Turn off beverage vending machines and shift use of ice makers before or after peak hours.

  • Minimize use of equipment by using peak periods for meeting times.

  • Unplug battery chargers and use only pre-charged equipment; prepare by charging batteries and battery-operated equipment prior to peak hours.

  • Adjust employee schedules and shifts so that times of increased production or energy use occur before or after peak hours.

Rate Comparison

  • InterAct

    Rate Comparison Calculator

    Try our Peak Day Pricing Rate Comparison Calculator, available through PG&E's InterAct tool. If you do not have an InterAct account, sign up now, or to learn more visit the InterAct page here.

Help from PG&E

PG&E can help you reduce your energy use and improve your bottom line. Here are just some of the resources, tools and programs we offer to make energy management easier:

Rate analysis

Energy efficiency rebates

  • Energy efficiency rebates

    Rebates are simple and self-service. Purchase a qualified energy-efficient product, fill out an application and PG&E sends you a rebate check.

    Find a rebate

Energy assessment

  • Energy assessment

    Get a free assessment for your business, and discover energy-saving steps you can take to save money.

Personalized assistance

  • Personalized assistance

    Contact PG&E for more information about new rates, energy assessments for your business and more.

    Call PG&E at 1-800-987-4923.

    Ag Customers can call 1-877-311-FARM (3276).

    Or email us your question.

Time-Varying Pricing Webinars and Local Workshops

  • Workshops

    Participate in a webinar or live PG&E-led workshop to learn:

•  When and how your business will be affected by the transition

•  How PG&E can help you with customized tools and resources

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