Linear Fluorescent Lighting

High Performance Linear Fluorescent Fixture Rebates

Today's high performance fluorescent fixtures have achieved new levels of efficiency and light quality with reduced glare resulting in a low-cost solution that provides improved lighting and a better environment for customers, employees and residents.

Realize savings of 40-50% on fixture energy usage for retrofitting T8 and T5 fluorescent fixtures. Receive rebates from $17.50-$20.00 per fixture or retrofit kit.

Reasons to Install High Performance Fluorescent Fixtures

  • Realize up to 15 percent energy bill savings when retrofitting old T8 fixtures.
  • Improved lens design allows for reduced glare and improved visibility.
  • Kits install quickly with little interruption to normal business.
  • Low upfront cost and consistent energy savings allows for ROI of less than three years.

From the classroom to the boardroom, proper lighting helps everyone get the job done.

Program Requirements

Install new high performance T5 or T8 linear fluorescent fixture with advanced optical design and T5 ballast or high-efficiency T8 ballast.

  • Advanced optical design that include non-planar lens.
  • Fixture efficiency that exceeds 80%.
  • Consortium for Energy Efficiency (CEE qualified) 4’ T8 lamps or 2’ T8 / T5 lamps with at least 20,000 hour rated life and a CRI ≥ 82.
  • National Electrical Manufacturers’ Association (NEMA) Premium or CEE qualified T8 ballasts or T5 ballasts.
  • Fixture may be either 2’ x 4’ or 2’ x 2’ and can contain one or two lamps.
  • Only certain combinations of lamps and ballasts are eligible.

Terms and Conditions

The customer must be a non-residential PG&E electric customer. These rebates cannot be combined with rebates from other catalog measures or other programs claiming lighting savings.

Low-wattage T8 Lighting Rebates

Save up to 20% of energy costs by replacing 32 watt T8s with low-wattage T8s (LWT8). For more information see the technical brief.

Simple Replacement for Existing T8 Lamps

Low-wattage T8s fit in place of your existing four foot T8 lamps. Customers with 32 watt T8s and Instant Start ballasts can start saving energy immediately.

Rebate Information

Lamp FixtureSpecificationsDiscount Amount
28 Watt four foot T8 Lamps28 Watt four foot T8 fluorescent, used in place of F32T8$0.50 per lamp
25 Watt four foot T8 Lamps25 Watt four foot T8 fluorescent, used in place of F32T8$1.00 per lamp

To participate in the Low-Wattage T8 Lighting Rebate Program, please contact your local electrical distributor or contact the Business Customer Service Center at 1-800-468-4743.

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  • Looking for a quick way to find lighting rebates for your business? Use the Money Back Tool to get a list of rebates matched specifically to your needs.

Your Next Steps with PG&E

  • Contact PG&E at
    1-800-468-4743 for more information on the specific changes to existing standards and available incentive on lighting efficiency upgrades.

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