LED Street Light Turnkey Replacement Service

Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) Light Emitting Diode (LED) Street Light program, offers incentives to customers who own and maintain street lights in the PG&E service area on the LS-2 fixed pricing schedule. Through the program, customers who replace or upgrade their existing street lights with new PG&E-approved LED street lights are eligible for new lower pricing and product rebates. Learn more about the advantages of LED street lights.

Complementing the program, PG&E also offers a LED Street Light Turnkey Replacement Service. This provides a one-stop solution for customers who want to take advantage of the LED Street Light program and improve their energy efficiency, while minimizing cost and labor resource impacts. The service provides significant cost savings when compared with the project management expense associated with city personnel or city-acquired subcontractor labor.

Drawing on 100 years of experience in street light installation and maintenance, PG&E helps with project design, installation and billing updates. Services provided include:


  • Technical consultation to determine appropriate LED replacement and requirements
  • Competitive LED fixture pricing using PG&E’s volume purchasing power
  • LED fixtures that meet PG&E’s stringent standards and qualify for PG&E’s LED Street Light rates and rebate program
  • A product demonstration of LED lights before final lamp size selection


  • Subcontracted labor and installation to qualified electric contractors
  • Utilization of a competitive bid process
  • Union and/or union-friendly contractors to assure prevailing wages
  • Completion of work in 90-120 days (completion times may vary due to conditions such as heavy traffic or limited work hours permitted by a city)
  • Each city will be responsible for securing required permits

Quality Control

  • PG&E-trained subcontractors
  • PG&E inspector verification of all completed work
  • One-year guarantee of PG&E workmanship
  • Five-year manufacturers’ warranty on LEDs
  • One-year coverage for failed lamp removal and replacement installation


  • Assistance with the coordination of street lamp and fixture disposal


  • Solicitation of material and contractor bids
  • Completion of all rebate applications and rate change forms
  • Updates to the GIS system
  • Data gathering and sample documentation for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) reports and funding requests

Project Justification

  • Help with justifying street light replacement to local governing bodies
  • Projected savings calculations related to energy consumption, maintenance, materials, and lowered greenhouse gas emissions

Complete Package Pricing

  • Includes: Material, distributor, shipping, sales tax, installation, inspection, PG&E administration, and project management costs. (Several factors will influence the final pricing, including the size and quantity of LED lights, traffic patterns, geographic location of the City, required permits, etc.)

Potential LED Replacement Savings

Customers who have purchased and installed pre-qualified LED fixtures after May 1, 2009, may be eligible for rebates. Read below to learn more about which fixtures qualify.

Replace 70 watt fixture with new LED fixture$50
Replace 100 watt fixture with new LED fixture$75
Replace 150 watt fixture with new LED fixture$100
Replace 200 watt fixture with new LED fixture$125
Replace 250 watt fixture with new LED fixture$150
Replace 310 watt fixture with new LED fixture$175
Replace 400 watt fixture with new LED fixture$200

* The examples shown are illustrative and savings may change based on lamp manufacturer and model.

Download fact sheet (PDF, 88 KB).

For more information about PG&E’s LED Street Light Program Turnkey Replacement Service, LED demonstration sites, or how PG&E can streamline your street light replacement project, contact PG&E’s Business Customer Service Center at 1-800-468-4743.

As part of a recent PG&E pilot study in Oakland, Calif., HPS street lights were replaced with LED street lights. A neighborhood survey completed following the pilot study found that 70 percent of respondents preferred the LED street lights, saying the new lights significantly improved their ability to see as pedestrians and to recognize people at night while driving.

PG&E LED Street Light Turnkey Project Examples - Before and After Images