Economic Development Services

Consider Pacific Gas and Electric Company part of your planning team. We know that energy costs and reliability are major concerns for a facility location decision. You need to know the best way to take advantage of California's energy market. Look no further. We have a wealth of technical knowledge and experience to help you increase your energy efficiency and lower costs. Choosing a company location for your business is your first competitive move.

Energy Rate Analysis

First, let us know what your natural gas and electric requirements will be. We can provide you with customized rate analysis to help you evaluate your costs and buying options based on the estimated energy use of your particular facility. Then, when you have identified specific sites, we will provide detailed cost and reliability analysis, including electric and gas service configurations, specific electric and gas rate options and any service connection costs. For more information please contact either your company representative or local Northern and Central California economic development representative.

Development Partners

Pacific Gas and Electric Company has local economic development representatives stationed throughout our service area. Our company representatives work closely with Economic Development Partners to provide comprehensive services for new and expanding business facilities. They provide personal coordination and liaison assistance through your project's siting, planning, design and operation phases to ensure that your energy and cost requirements are met.

Energy Efficiency

We know that our customers remain interested in the efficient use of energy; that's why we sponsor the Savings By Design Program. Savings by Design is an energy-efficiency program targeted at owners and designers of new commercial and industrial buildings and provides incentives for making structures as energy-efficient as possible.

Economic Development Rate

PG&E will soon begin offering businesses a reduced Economic Development Rate (EDR) to support job growth by attracting and retaining customers who would otherwise relocate to other states, close their existing California operations, or expand elsewhere because of high power costs. The new rate, approved by the California Public Utilities Commission, is designed to benefit all PG&E customers by making more revenues available to cover fixed costs and give business an opportunity.

Pacific Energy Center

The Pacific Energy Center enables architects, engineers, designers, developers, contractors and building owners to incorporate energy-efficient designs and technologies into their commercial and residential buildings. The center offers a variety of tools, seminars, programs and technical consultations.