Technology Incentive for Demand Response

The Demand Response Technology Incentive helps customers with their investments in energy management technologies that enable them to perform demand response. It encourages customers to round out their energy management strategies by participating in demand response programs using systems and controls. The Technology Incentive can be coupled with applicable and approved energy efficiency rebates. Enrollment in a PG&E demand response participation program is required.

PG&E pays $125 per kilowatt (kW) of demand response load reduction (dispatchable load) that will be controlled by the technology, up to 75 percent of the demand response technology project cost. $50 per kW is paid if Demand Bidding is the chosen Demand Response program.

Technology Incentive rateUp to $125 per dispatchable kW controlled, up to 75 percent of
incremental project costs


  • The Technology Incentive can make a project more financially viable by offsetting your project cost and lowering the payback time. The incentive can be paid directly to you or, on request, assigned to your project contractor.
  • You will know the approved estimate of your incentive amount before you begin a project.
  • You are rewarded for what you save. The actual incentive amount for your project will be determined after the equipment has been installed and your dispatchable load has been verified.
  • Utilizing technology helps you participate in demand response efficiently and more reliably


The Technology Incentive is open to all commercial, industrial and agricultural customers who:

  • Have a facility located in the PG&E service area and receive service from PG&E upon completion.
  • Have had a maximum demand greater than or equal to 200 kW within the last 12 billing months.
  • Are investing in energy management systems or controls that enable demand response, without a direct signal from PG&E (for signal-activated technologies, see our Auto DR information).
  • Are served by an interval meter, or a SmartMeter™ electric meter, that can be read remotely and billed by PG&E.
  • Enroll in a PG&E Demand Response program.

Getting Started

Submit your own completed CR-DR Application or have a third-party project sponsor apply on your behalf. Major project milestones are:

  1. Estimate and document your potential dispatchable load and obtain a project cost quote.
  2. Submit a complete CR-DR application package, including your dispatchable load estimate and written project cost estimate.
  3. Arrange pre-installation inspection by PG&E.
  4. Obtain review and approval by PG&E of your dispatchable load estimate and estimated incentive amount.
  5. Purchase the equipment. (Note: Must be after date on PG&E Project Agreement sent at approval.)
  6. Notify PG&E that the installation has been completed.
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