Automated Demand Response Program

The Automated Demand Response (ADR) Program provides incentives and technical assistance for customers investing in energy management technologies that also enable them to perform demand response (DR). It encourages customers to expand their energy management capabilities by participating in DR programs using semi-automated and automated electric controls and management strategies. The ADR Program incentive can be coupled with applicable and approved energy efficiency rebates.

Customers may select from two DR program options—automated DR or semi-automated DR. Customers who sign up to participate in automated DR will receive automated event signals from PG&E. These signals will be sought out by a technical solution on site that is linking and initiating pre-programmed DR strategies. Customers who participate in semi-automated DR receive automated event notification from PG&E, and then manually initiate pre-programmed load shed strategies. Semi-automated DR projects must also pursue at least one energy efficiency project that is eligible for a PG&E energy efficiency program incentive. Additional incentives have been set aside for ADR projects that specifically pursue at least one energy efficiency project.

PG&E pays between $125 per kilowatt (kW) and $400 per kW of DR load reduction (dispatchable load) that will be controlled by the technology, depending upon the technology category program selected. Participants receive 60 percent of the total program incentive after successful verification of equipment installation and testing of the committed DR strategies. The remaining 40 percent of the incentive is paid upon verification of participant performance in the full DR season, which may be up to 12 months after the first payment. Incentives may not exceed 100 percent of total project cost. This program is administered by a third party.

ADR Program incentives, as defined by category of technology selected:

Technology CategoryIncentive Rate
($ per kW)
Semi-Automated Demand Response$125
Automated Demand Response$200
Emerging & Advanced Technology HVAC/R$350
Emerging & Advanced Technology Lighting$400


The ADR incentive can make a project more financially viable by offsetting your project cost and lowering the payback time. The incentive can be paid directly to you or, on request, assigned to your vendor or contractor.

You will know the approved estimate of your incentive amount before you begin project installation.

The incentive contributes to the installation and programing of energy management hardware at low or no cost at your facility. This hardware can improve controllability and enhance monitoring and maintenance of your current electric energy systems.

Additionally, the program provides customers with:

  • Assistance identifying load curtailment strategies
  • Technical coordination during the equipment installation


The ADR Program is open to all non-residential customers who:

  • Receive electric services from PG&E.
  • Have a PG&E interval meter installed on site.
  • Have an existing Utility service account with at least 12 months billing and usage history.
  • Enroll in a qualifying PG&E DR program for at least three (3) years.
    • ADR incentives are available to customers who meet qualifying criteria Peak Day Pricing or Aggregator Managed Portfolio program.
    • Customers pursuing semi-ADR or ADR projects with at least one energy efficiency measure can enroll in Capacity Bidding, Demand Bidding, Peak Day Pricing, or Aggregator Managed Portfolio program.
  • Are not installing a communicating thermostats project as a small or medium business.

Getting Started

  • Interested customers can call the Auto DR Program Contact or their PG&E Sales and Service representative to set up a preliminary assessment of your facility to identify potential energy reduction strategies.

    ADR Program Contact:
    Christine Riker, Energy Solutions
    510-482-4420 xt.275
  • To learn more about Automated Demand Response visit
  • You can also visit, contact your PG&E representative or call our Business Customer Service Center at 1-800-468-4743 for more information on comprehensive energy management solutions.

ADR Project Milestones

  1. Contact ADR Program Staff or PG&E Sales and Service representative to set up preliminary assessment of facility.
  2. Submit a Customer Information Authorization Form and Program Enrollment Form.
  3. Arrange a facility audit by ADR Program staff.
  4. Select ADR measures for installation. (For semi-ADR projects, selection of EE measure for installation is also required).
  5. Apply for energy efficiency program incentives, as applicable.
  6. Select and enroll in a DR Program.
  7. Obtain review and approval of your project and incentive reservation.
  8. Purchase, install and commission equipment.
  9. Notify ADR Program Team of installation completion for project inspection and verification.
  10. Receive first installment of incentive payment.
  11. Participate in ongoing performance monitoring during subsequent DR season.
  12. Receive final project evaluation.
  13. Receive second installment of incentive payment.
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