PEC Tool Lending Library (TLL)

The Tool Lending Library (TLL) is a Public Goods funded program that loans building measurement equipment free of charge to people working on short term energy efficiency projects in California. We also provide advice and application notes for some of the tools in the TLL.

Request to Borrow Tools

Tools must be used for energy efficiency, demand reduction, or demand reponse projects. Our staff will match the right tool for your project measurement needs. Please submit a tool request form to tell us about your project.
Tool Lending Library Catalog

The TLL contains dozens of measurement tools from a broad range of manufacturers. The list of tools is for reference only. Our staff will help you match the right tool with your needs.
Building Performance / Commissioning Classes

Come to our classes to learn to use tools, to learn about software and auditing techniques. Most of our programs are free of charge and qualify for continuing education credits.
App Notes & Measurement Protocols

The Tool Lending Library Application Notes describe measurement techniques and step-by-step instructions for specific tools. The notes serve as a primer for first-time users and as a reference for experienced users needing help with specific operations.

Tool Lending Library Contact

If you have questions, please contact us at or 415-973-9945.