Overcast Sky Simulator

The PEC’s Overcast Sky Simulator uses high color temperature fluorescent lights and mirrored interior walls to mimic a “perfect” overcast sky condition known as the "International Overcast Sky," which is three times brighter directly overhead than at the horizon. The Overcast Sky Simulator interior is approximately nine feet in width, depth, and height, providing ample room to place a physical model of a building inside for a qualitative and quantitative evaluation of daylighting design performance. Depending on the questions a designer is asking, tools for analysis and documentation include the human eye, a camera, and/or light sensors placed in different parts of the model.

The use of the PEC Overcast Sky Simulator is free of charge, but reservations are required. Please fill out a Overcast Sky Simulator session request form at least three days in advance to set up an appointment. The Energy Center staff will assist you and provide design advice related to daylight design and performance. The PEC staff will not provide a presentation or written report for the service.