Safety and Security at Diablo Canyon

PG&E regularly invests in Diablo Canyon to ensure that the site is safe, meticulously maintained and efficiently operated.

  • PG&E has invested approximately $1 billion in Diablo Canyon over the past few years.
  • PG&E constructed an NRC-approved used fuel storage facility and successfully moved the first load of spent fuel into the facility in the summer of 2009.
  • To maintain our commitment to operating the plant safely and smartly, we recently installed replacement steam generators for both units at the plant. This upgrade will ensure the “heart” of Diablo Canyon will generate electricity for many, many more years to come.
  • Recently we replaced reactor heads on both units with a new design, which will help achieve greater efficiencies, providing better performance and increased reliability for our customers.

Safety and security are PG&E’s top priorities, as well as those of every employee at Diablo Canyon.

  • Every Diablo Canyon employee’s most important responsibility is assuring the site continues, and improves upon, its record of safe operations.
  • PG&E is the only utility in the country that employs a full-time seismic department with a mission to continually assess the current state of seismic knowledge, as well as large earthquakes around the world. This information is then applied to Diablo Canyon, so we can be sure the facility remains safe based on up-to-date science.
  • Diablo Canyon is built to withstand the largest earthquakes and tsunamis that experts postulate could occur in the region.
  • Diablo Canyon employs a large staff of highly trained and well-armed security officers. These employees are aided in their efforts by sophisticated electronic security and surveillance systems, as well as by defenses that are similar to “hardened” military facilities.
  • Security is further enhanced by the site’s remote location: miles from the nearest public road, with a buffer zone consisting of thousands of acres of land controlled by a highly trained security force.
  • Nuclear power plants are some of the safest, most secure industrial work environments in the country.

Learn more about safety at Diablo Canyon.

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