NEMVMASH is a net energy metering (NEM) program for income-qualified housing applicants. Eligible customers now have two options under this program.

The first option allows Multifamily Affordable Solar Housing (MASH) participants or low income housing facilities enrolled in the New Solar Homes Partnership (NSHP) to allocate credits from one solar generating system across multiple accounts at the same customer service delivery point. This option offers the benefit of central solar generation to multi-family housing facilities that are individually metered by PG&E without requiring each tenant or common area account to have its own generator physically connected to each billing meter. Unlike a typical Net Energy Metering (NEM) account, where kilowatt-hours from a generator are only applied to that generator's account, the kilowatt-hours accumulated from a NEMVMASH generator can be allocated to other specified accounts at the same customer service delivery point. To apply, complete the NEMVMASH Application Form 79-1124.

The second {NEMVMASH option (see option c of the NEMMASH rate schedule)} allows applicants to allocate credits from a generator to other accounts within their "Eligible Low Income Development" without having to be at the same customer service delivery point. Applicants for this option must be eligible for NSHP or MASH. To apply, complete the NEMVMASH Application Form 79-1124.

Before operating any generating facility connected to PG&E's distribution facilities, customers must first receive written authorization from PG&E as required by Electric Rule 21. Unauthorized operation could result in personal injury, equipment damage and/or property damage, for which a customer may be liable.

Sites within certain areas of San Francisco and Oakland are not eligible for the NEMVMASH program. For more information, please refer to information about secondary networks.

Application Requirements

To apply for NEMVMASH, the following steps must be followed:

  • Submit a completed NEMVMASH Application Form 79-1124 including Appendix A and B.
  • List the benefiting accounts on Appendix A of the application form.
  • Submit a single line diagram of the proposed generating system.
  • Submit a signed building permit showing that the completed system has been inspected and given, final approval by the local building authority.
  • Include payment of the fee to install the generator output meter, if needed.

Application Timeline

Once your project is deemed eligible for MASH or NSHP funding, please contact PG&E's Generation Interconnection Services (GIS) department at 415-972-5676 to start the interconnection process. In order to begin the interconnection process, all applicants must first be deemed eligible to receive MASH or NSHP, including applicants applying under option c who do not currently receive MASH funding. The proposed generator specifications and layout will be reviewed by PG&E's planning engineers. Changes in the generator specifications and a site visit by PG&E may be necessary. The timeline for completing the interconnection process will depend on the complexity of the project.

Frequently Asked Questions

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