Direct Access—Transferring

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) will be accepting Six Month Notices to Transfer to Direct Access (2013 DA Load) on Friday, January 13, 2012 at 9:00 am PST.

Please note that per Decision D. 10-03-022 and PG&E Electric Rule No. 22.1, the accounts accepted from the January 13, 2012 DA Open Enrollment process will be switched to DA as soon as possible (depending on whether there is room under the 2012 DA Load Cap). In any event, beginning in January 2013, provided the customer's Six Month advance notice requirement has been satisfied and a Direct Access Service Request (DASR) as been timely received by PG&E for each eligible service account.

In addition, PG&E recognizes the timing of the CPUC’s disposition of Advice Letter 3251-G/3934-E can affect the 2013 DA Open Enrollment process. Once the CPUC makes their final decision, PG&E will update our website as necessary.

Methods to submit a Six Month Notice

  • Email with attachment(s) to:
  • FAX to: 209-476-7698 Attn: DAASU


Form Instructions

  1. Complete Complete Six Month Notice Form (79-1117) (PDF, 176KB), including:
    • Name on account
    • Active electric Service Agreement Numbers (SA ID) Where do I find these?
    • Service address
    • Customer's email address
  2. If the customer of record is not signing the Six Month Notice, complete the Customer Authorization Form (79-1095) (PDF, 122KB)
    • Fill out the form in its entirety
    • Check box #6
  3. If needed, please use an Excel file to provide a longer list of SA IDs. See spreadsheet (example) (XLS, 20 KB)


  • The Six Month Notice to Transfer to Direct Access Service is a binding document.
  • The Six Month Notice may be rescinded within three (3) business days [of PG&E's receipt] by contacting 800-468-4743.
  • Only one Customer of Record may be specified per Six Month Notice
  • All SA IDs referenced on the Six Month Notice must have one common Federal Tax ID
  • If SA IDs with multiple Federal Tax IDs are referenced in the Six Month Notice, the Notice will be rejected.
  • If you need to confirm your account information, please contact your PG&E Account Manager or call PG&E's Business Customer Service Center at 1-800-468-4743
  • The dates provided on the Six Month Notice and Customer Authorization Form must be appropriate for the relevant Open Enrollment period, and must not have expired prior to the relevant Open Enrollment period.
  • If the customer of record has signed the Six Month Notice, a Customer Authorization Form is not required

Email Instructions

  1. Provide a correct subject line for the email message. The email subject line should read as follows: CUSTOMER NAME 6 Month Notice SUBMITTER (# of SA IDs)
    • Example: If ESP_A is submitting 23 SA IDs for Customer_B, the recommended subject line is: Customer_B 6 Month Notice ESP_A (23)
  2. All email submissions should arrive in the mailbox at, or after 09:00:00 PST. Six Month Notices, and the SA Ids withing the list, will be accepted on the first-come, first-served basis.


  • Provide only one Six Month Notice per email
  • Submit the Customer Authorization Form and Six Month Notice in PDF format; a longer list of SA IDs can be submitted in Excel format
  • Do NOT provide password-protection for any Six Month Notices and attached documents; password- protected Notices and supporting attachments will be rejected

After the Notice is sent

  1. You will receive an auto-response from the mailbox
    • The auto-response message does not mean that the Six Month Notice and any supporting documents were accepted by PG&E.
    • The auto-response message does mean that PG&E received your submission—please do NOT send additional duplicate Six Month Notices.
    • If you do not receive an email acknowledgement of receipt within 30 minutes of submittal, please contact PG&E at 415-973-6479.
  2. If PG&E finds incorrect information in the Six Month Notice or Customer Authorization Form, we will contact the sender to fix the Notice or Customer Authorization Form. The sender will have 48 hours from PG&E's notification to respond with the corrected information. [Note: This does not mean that the Notice was accepted.]
  3. Rejection emails will be sent to the submitter of the Six Month Notice within 30 business days of initial submission.
  4. Acceptance emails will be sent to the submitter and the customer of record within 30 business days of initial submission.
  5. If your Six Month Notice has been accepted, PG&E will send a letter to the customer of record's billing address which will specify the date by which an Energy Service Provider (ESP) must submit a Direct Access Service Request (DASR) to PG&E in order to transfer your service accounts(s) to DA service.
  6. If PG&E does not receive a DASR by the date indicated in the acceptance letter, the service account(s) will be switched to PG&E's Transitional Bundled Service (TBS) and billed on PG&E's Electric Schedule Transitional Bundled Commodity Cost (TBCC) for a period of up to sixty (60) days.
  7. If a DASR is not received by the end of this sixty (60) day period, the Six Month Notice will be cancelled, and the cancellation will serve as the customer's six month notice to return to PG&E's Bundled Portfolio Service (BPS). Then, the customer will be subject to TBCC pricing for a period of six (6) additional months followed by a new three (3) year commitment period on BPS.

Returning to PG&E Bundled Service

Direct Access customers choosing to return to bundled service must submit the Notice to Return to PG&E Bundled Service, Electric Form No. 79-1011 (PDF, 143KB) indicating that they wish to return in six (6) months. Customers have three business days after PG&E receives their Notice to Return form to rescind the Notice and remain on DA service. Customers electing Bundled Portfolio Service (BPS) make a binding, minimum three-year commitment and will not be eligible to return to DA service until their three-year minimum commitment has been completed. At the end of the initial three-year term, customers will have the option to return to DA service by providing six months advance notice or remain on bundled service.

Methods to submit Notice

  • Email with attachment to:
  • FAX to: 209-476-7698 Attn: DAASU
  • U.S. Mail to:
    Pacific Gas and Electric Company
    P.O. Box 8329
    Stockton, CA 95208
    Attn: DAASU