Nuclear Power Generation Handouts

This web page is designed to provide information to PG&E new hires, temporary additionals and contractors that will soon be working at Diablo Canyon Power Plant.

Proper First Day Attire at Diablo Canyon Power Plant,

All PG&E or Contract employees or prospective employees must be dressed and ready for work inside the power plant. You may be required to enter the plant for work, tour or medical exams as soon as you arrive on your first day.

Proper Attire:

Durable shoes or boots- No athletic, running, tennis, open-toed, open-backed, or high heel shoes or sandals.
Long pants made from cotton or other non-flammable material.
Shirt with sleeves made from cotton or other non-flammable material (no nylon or polyester etc.).

Valid ID:

You must have a valid picture ID issued by a government agency such as a drivers license, military ID or passport when reporting to the site and during training. You also must bring a Social Security card.

Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ)

Personal History Questionnaire must be completed by all employees. The ePHQ's are no longer accessible through the microsite due to a change in process.

The expectation to complete the ePHQ at least 10 days prior to arrival at DCPP has not changed.

The New Process:

  • Prior to your start date at DCPP, you will receive 2 emails (approximately 14 days prior to your arrival)
    • One email will have a subject line of EPHQ Ready for (name). This email contains the link for your ePHQ.
    • Another email will have a subject line of: PHQ Security ID for (name).
  • The ePHQ you will be sent is based on your last favorable termination date in PADS (Personnel Access Data System).
    • If you are coming from a non-PADS member site (Nextera and Entergy sites), your ePHQ needs to be completed based on the data that is currently in PADS.
  • If you are current in PADS and you are expected to be have your UAA/UA terminated for your assignment at DCPP, you should be completing the R30 ePHQ.

For questions regarding the ePHQ please call 805-545-2672 or 805-545-2675.

You must have a valid, not expired, photo ID issued by a government agency such as a driver's license, military ID or passport when reporting to the site and during training.

For outage employees: You will be provided a temporary vehicle pass for access through Avila Gate for your first day on site. If you do not have a valid driver's license, you are NOT permitted to drive onsite or any road that requires a valid driver's license. This pass is only valid for your first day on site.

To obtain a vehicle pass for the duration of the outage, DCPP staff will need to validate the license plate information you provide on the Vehicle Information Form (posted below). It is recommended you bring a copy of your vehicle registration form your first day onsite.

Travel/Hotel/Restaurant Information

DCPP Travel Package pdf document (1,492 kbytes)

PG&E Outage Hiring Information

Reference Information pdf document (256 kbytes)

Site Map pdf document (206 kbytes)

Vehicle Information Form pdf document (62 kbytes)


BHI Hiring Information Packet pdf document (236 kbytes)

Training Materials

How to get to NANTeL Study Guides pdf document (459 kbytes)

NANTeL Student Access Job Aid pdf document (2,629 kbytes)