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Billing and Payment: Pay Bill

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What are my payment options when paying online with e-Bills?

What types of payment accounts can I use to pay my bills online?

Is the e-Bills automatic payment feature the same as PG&E's Automatic Payment Service (APS), which I've been using for years?

Do I need to schedule my online payment each month?

How does the e-Bills automatic payment using checking or money market account feature work?

Will I be notified if my bill is not paid in full based on my e-Bills automatic payment instruction?

When can I begin making payments online?

How often can I make payments?

Can I obtain a confirmation, such as a reference number, after I schedule a payment?

When will my online payment be debited from my payment account?

When will the payment actually be posted to my PG&E account?

How will I know if my payment has been received by PG&E?

How do I determine what Payment Date to enter on the Make a Payment page?

Will I be notified if my scheduled payment has failed?

What if My Account goes down while I am using it?

Why is the Amount Due shown on my online energy statement different from the Amount Due displayed on the My Account page?

Can I arrange to pay ahead if I'm planning to take an extended vacation?

What if I schedule a payment beyond the due date of my bill?

What happens if I schedule an online payment using my checking or money market account and there is not enough money in the payment account?

What happens to scheduled payments if I'm no longer eligible to pay my bills online?

Can I change my payment checking or money market account information, such as routing transit number or account number?

How do I change my checking or money market payment account information, such as bank payment account number or routing transit number in e-Bills?