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Billing and Payment: Enroll in e-Bills

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What are the benefits of viewing and paying my bills online with e-Bills?

What is an e-Bill?

Will I still receive a paper bill via U.S. mail?

How secure is e-Bills?

Who is eligible to enroll in e-Bills?

Is there a fee to use e-Bills?

If I use PG&E's Automatic Payment Service (APS), can I enroll in e-Bills?

Can I enroll if I am using the Balanced Payment Plan?

How do I enroll in e-Bills?

Will I receive a confirmation letter after enrolling in e-Bills?

Can I cancel e-Bills?

What if I have more than one PG&E account?

How will I be notified each month when my bill is available for viewing and paying online?

What if I'm not receiving e-mail notification that my e-Bill is ready to view or pay?

What if I'm not receiving my e-Bills?

What if I change my e-mail address?

Can more than one person enroll on a single account?

What if I want to enroll in e-Bills but receive a message that someone has already enrolled the account?

What if I want to change back to paper bills but I receive a message that I can't cancel e-Bills?

I recently moved. Why is my old address still showing on the My Account page?

How do I contact PG&E for questions about e-Bills?