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SmartMeterTM Daily/Hourly Usage

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What is a SmartMeterTM Daily/Hourly Usage graph?

How can I use my SmartMeterTM Daily/Hourly Usage graphs to help reduce my energy usage?

Who is eligible to use SmartMeterTM Daily/Hourly Usage graphs?

How can I view my SmartMeterTM Daily/Hourly Usage graphs?

Is there a fee to use the SmartMeterTM Daily/Hourly Usage graphs?

I see a "Missing data ..." message on my SmartMeterTM graph. What does this mean?

Do I need to install special software on my computer to view SmartMeterTM Daily/Hourly Usage graphs?

What SmartMeterTM graphs are available?

What do the different colors on the graphs represent?

How do I switch between the different graphs?

How do I change the viewing period/interval (by billing cycle, calendar month, week or day) for a graph?

How can I see my energy usage for a specific date?

When can I view graphs for today's energy usage?

Why can I only see the "Hourly/Daily Usage" link for a limited number of months on the Usage History screen?

Can I see my actual energy usage within the SmartMeterTM graphs?

Are SmartMeterTM graphs available for gas meters?

What do I need to do to view my SmartMeterTM graphs when I have more than one account?

Can I download my interval energy usage?

What does "kWh" mean?

Does daylight-saving time (ON/OFF) affect the charts?

How can I contact PG&E with questions about the SmartMeterTM graphs?