Access, monitor and manage your energy usage

Managing your usage helps you manage your costs. Discover all of the energy usage tools available in your online account.

Access usage data

Get detailed interval usage information for your electric and gas services. The information is available through your online account, and also by downloading or streaming.

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Analyze your usage

Take advantage of the Usage Analysis tool in your online account to monitor and analyze your energy use, to compare rate options and to learn which rate plan is best for you.

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Manage your usage

To manage energy usage effectively, understand when and on what you’re using energy. Then, find ways to lower your energy costs.

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Share My Data

Share My Data is a streamlined way to share your PG&E energy data with third parties, but only after you grant authorization. Third parties may include companies that provide energy analysis and services to help your business save.

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Costs and usage tool

See your detailed usage and costs over time. Learn how weather, your operational set-up and other factors affect your bill. Also, find programs and customized energy-saving recommendations.

Learn how your energy use is trending