Authorize third parties to receive your PG&E usage information

Looking to reduce your business's energy costs? Third-party companies approved by PG&E provide analysis and tools to help you save money. They can help you understand both your energy usage and the costs associated with electric vehicles, solar panels and other products.

Getting started is easy

Go to the website of the company with which you are planning to share your energy data. Or, sign in to your PG&E online account to authorize access to your data.


It's simple and secure

You'll need to set up authorization only once. Share My Data will package up PG&E data, inform the third-party company when it's ready and then securely transfer the data to them. You may cancel your authorization instantly, at any time.

View the usage data downloading options for customers or authorized third parties

Find the data-sharing tools and programs available to you, based on account type.

Small or medium-sized business

Large commercial or industrial business

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