Manage your energy use to get maximum value for your money

Your costs for energy are affected by when you use energy, how much you use, and in some cases, by your peak energy usage. PG&E gives you the tools to monitor and manage your usage while still meeting your business needs.

First, understand your energy cost and usage

To manage energy usage effectively, understand when and on what you’re using energy. Your Account provides details of your electric usage and costs down to 15-minute intervals, as well as daily natural gas use, for each of your electric or gas services.

Example: Annual View

  1. View by cost, kilowatt hours of usage, or kilowatts of demand.
  2. Choose to download summary or 15 minute interval data from dropdown menu.
  3. Customize the time period to review.
  4. Hover over a billing period to see summary usage and charges.
  5. Review Peak Day Pricing event days that may have affected your costs.


Example: Monthly View

  1. Select a default interval from one day to multi-year.
  2. Hover over a day to see the cost and usage for the date.

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Then, find ways to lower your energy costs


Shift your usage to lower cost times of day

Most non-residential customers pay more per kWh of electric usage during weekday afternoons than at any other time. Besides installing solar panels, there are many other ways you can shift your usage to lower cost times of day.

Review tips for business

Once your business successfully shifts some usage away from weekday afternoons, enrolling in Peak Day Pricing can lower your overall electric rate.

Learn about peak day pricing

Lower your energy usage

The Business Energy Checkup provides a profile of your energy use and opportunities to improve on usage. In Your Account you can continue to explore ways to save.

Complete your business energy checkup

Explore ways to save

PG&E also offers expertise and tools in our energy centers to support implementing specific improvements at your facility, ranging from lower cost lighting to more efficient food service equipment.

Learn about PG&E Energy Centers

Thinking about renewable energy options?

PG&E offers training, attractive rates, and step by step instructions on how to plan for and implement your solar or other renewable energy system.



Verify you’re on the best electric rate plan

Analyze what your costs would be under different electric rate plans for each of your electric services, based on your last year’s usage.