Review your detailed energy use

There are several ways to get detailed interval usage information for your electric and gas services. For electric usage, data is available in 15-minute intervals. For gas usage, data is available by day.

What are the options?

The best option for you depends on how you want to use the information and whether you want to provide access to a third party (such as an energy management firm) to your usage data. The four choices below are aimed at different needs and circumstances.

Your online account provides easy access to usage and costs

Customers can sign in to their accounts to find the information they want:

  • Electric and gas cost and usage amounts and trends, by
    • Day
    • Week
    • Month
    • Year
  • Ability to compare bills to understand why costs changed
  • A rate analysis to find a potentially less expensive electric rate
  • Ways to save on electric usage and costs
  • Downloadable 15-minute electric interval usage and daily gas usage

Sign in to your account

Note that customers who buy their electricity or gas from a third party, such as a Community Choice Aggregation, won’t find cost and usage data in their online accounts.

Learn about Community Choice Aggregation

Download My Data

If you’d like to analyze your electric usage on your own computer on an ongoing basis, select “Download Usage” on your account dashboard:

  1. Select the electric services for which you want data.
  2. Pick the download frequency.
  3. Have notifications emailed to you automatically when files are ready to download.

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Stream My Data

If you are a small- or medium-business on rate schedule A1, A6 or A10, you can install a device that allows you to stream near real-time electric usage data.

Learn about Stream My Data

Detail of Bill

Solar, wind, and other customers on Net Energy Metering (NEM) have a statement available called Detail of Bill. It shows how much electricity was used from the PG&E network. It also shows how much was sent by the customer to the PG&E network, by time-of-use and date. These monthly statements are available in Your Account:

  1. From the Your Account landing page, select My Accounts & Services.

  2. Select the NEM Service ID number from the “Services Linked to My Profile” list.

  3. Select the appropriate Detail of Bill statement from the dropdown on the View Service Details page.

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