Receive a single bill for your PG&E accounts

Do you receive several bills each month from PG&E for different locations or services? If so, you can consolidate some or all of them under a single master account to simplify your payments. The cost and usage information for individual locations and services will remain separate, allowing you to review and manage energy costs for each.

Why use a master account?

Master billing accounts are useful when:

  • Your business has multiple locations, with a PG&E account for each.
  • You want to organize your PG&E billing by area, line of business or another structure to reflect your internal accounting.
  • You acquire a property that you want to merge for billing, but still track cost and usage separately for management purposes.

If you are a property manager or landlord, a master account is required for each of your buildings in order to use the Property Management Portal.

With master accounts, you determine how many PG&E bills you receive each month, and when.

Set up your master account

The Business Customer Service Center (BCSC) can help you establish master accounts:

  1. Decide which of your current accounts you want to include in the master account for billing.
  2. Determine approximately when each month you want your PG&E billing cycle to end. Your PG&E bills are produced a week after the end of the billing cycle and your payment is usually due three weeks later.
  3. Call the Business Customer Support Center at 1-800-468-4743 and request to set-up your master account.