Electric time of use statement: Page 1

We want to make it easy for you to understand your energy statement. You can review the detailed information below to learn more.

Image of the energy statement highlighting numbers that are explained in the page

1. Key account data: Account number and due date at the top of every page

Your account number is a 10-digit number. It’s good to have this handy if you need to call us about your energy use. You will receive a separate monthly statement for each active account.

2. Service for: Clearly indicates where your charges were incurred

Some customers receive PG&E service at multiple locations. This section indicates which property incurred the charges in this statement.

3. Your Account Summary: A snapshot of your bill in large, easy-to-read font

Although a more detailed breakdown of your charges is available on the following pages, the account summary provides an overview of charges incurred, payments received, and your total amount due.

4. Questions about your bill? Learn how to contact us

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us using the information found on the first page of the statement.

5. Total amount due: Your charges and payment due date, all on one line

Notes about your account and any special programs you participate in. (i.e. Budget Billing, California Alternate Rates for Energy Program [CARE]).

6. Your enrolled programs: Notes any programs or details that affect your bill total*

Please send payment to this address.

7. Monthly billing history: A chart of your monthly charges over the past year*

The dates used to calculate a bill inclusive of both the "Bill From" and "Bill To" Date.

8. Important messages: Provides timely information from PG&E*

This is the cost of gas and/or electricity that you used during a billing period.

9. Remittance stub: Return this form with your payment to the address indicated

The remittance stub indicates your account number, bill due date, and total amount due. Please return payment to the address shown. For your convenience, we have included a windowed return envelope; please place the remittance stub with the PG&E address showing through the window. The back of the remittance stub includes an area for you to update your account information, as well as an overview of your payment options.

*Missing a section? Please note that some sections of your energy statement may not always be displayed due to spacing limitations, or information about special programs that isn’t relevant to your account.

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