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Discover new ways to save energy and free up resources to meet your forward-looking sustainability goals and business improvements. Take advantage of our proven experience in helping biotech companies just like yours.

Learn about program and product benefits

Energy efficiency programs and products can help you:

  • Overcome the technical constraints of research and manufacturing
  • Decrease energy costs and reduce maintenance fees to free up resources
  • Identify opportunities for new energy efficiency equipment
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Get information on the Industrial Recommissioning Program

Capture and sustain energy savings through measures that require little to no capital investment. Learn more about the program

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Find the right solutions for your biotech business

The biotech industry has unique energy challenges and requirements for operating labs, fume hoods, cleanrooms and complete campus facilities. That’s why PG&E offers a variety of incentives to help biotech firms save energy and money. Learn more about our incentives.

Lighting Solutions

Learn about LED lighting solutions

Get information on our LED lighting solutions, including:

  • Accent and directional lighting
  • Troffers and Integrated Troffers retrofit kits
  • High/low bay lighting and advanced lighting control systems
Business Rebate Catalog

Business Rebate Catalog

Browse our business rebate and catalog to find elible products or find out how to earn customized incentives for your business.

Download the Business Rebate catalog (PDF, 3.0 MB)

Download the Custom Retrofit catalog (PDF, 456 KB)

Read success stories

Find out how PG&E engineers and design consultants use their expertise and understanding of Food and Drug Administration-Good Manufacturing Practices (FDA-GMP) to create effective energy management solutions for the biotech industry:

Energy Management Programs

Learn how fume hood sash stickers increase laboratory safety and efficiency at minimal cost.

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Learn how PG&E helped a technology provider exceed energy savings goals.

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Learn how to make the most of your commitment to green projects.

Conserve energy every day

Think strategically about your energy use. Creating an energy-conscious work environment is important to the biotech industry:

  • Educate technicians to keep fume hood sashes closed when they’re not in use. Consider installing variable-air-volume fume hoods.
  • Install low pressure-drop air delivery systems to reduce air changes per hour while maintaining safety codes and guidelines.
  • Install an air-flow setback in your lab to save energy when it’s not in use.

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