Improve production, lower costs and save energy

Take advantage of PG&E's proven experience in helping biotech companies like yours. Our specialized programs and products for the biotech industry can help you:

  • Overcome the technical constraints of research and manufacturing
  • Decrease energy costs and reduce maintenance fees to free up resources
  • Identify opportunities for new energy efficiency equipment
  • Optimize existing buildings and systems
  • Find cash-back solutions for your biotech buildings
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Learn about the Heavy Industry Energy Efficiency Program

Qualify for cash incentives when you implement process-oriented and other energy-efficiency upgrades. Reduce energy usage, operations and maintenance costs for biotech facilities.

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Ready for a freezer upgrade?

PG&E offers cash-back rebates for high-efficiency (–80 °C) Ultra-Low Temperature (ULT) Freezers. Receive up to $600 per unit.

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Conserve energy every day

Think strategically about your energy use. Creating an energy-conscious work environment is important to the biotech industry:

  • Educate technicians to keep fume hood sashes closed when they're not in use. Consider installing or converting to variable-air-volume (VAV) fume hoods.
  • Install face velocity setback and limit for fume hoods.
  • Install low-pressure drop air delivery systems to reduce air changes per hour while maintaining safety codes and guidelines.
  • Install an air-flow setback in your lab to save energy when the lab's not in use.

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