general emergency iconALERT: The last date to submit energy expenditure plans to the California Energy Commission was February 26, 2018.

Understand Prop 39 basics

Prop 39 funding can help your school improve energy efficiency.

Find out how much Prop 39 funding was awarded to your school. Visit Proposition 39 California Clean Energy Jobs Act.

Learn where to submit and manage your energy expenditure plan. Visit Energy Expenditure Plan Online.

The California Energy Commission (CEC) posted several recorded training sessions. The Commission also regularly posts information on future events on their website. Visit Proposition 39 Documents - Workshops, Webinars, Documents and Announcements.

Providing access to your Prop 39 records

You can access Prop 39 resources only after submitting two forms to the CEC. PG&E requires these forms to provide the CEC with school energy use data from now through 2023:

Use the updated data authorization form

You must submit two forms to the California Energy Commission (CEC) to access Prop 39 resources:

PG&E requires these forms to provide the CEC with school energy-use data from now through 2023.

Send your completed forms to the CEC and to each utility. If you are a PG&E electricity or natural gas customer, please complete the following steps:

  1. Download The California Clean Energy Jobs Act (Proposition 39 (K-12) Program)
  2. Sign, scan and email the Utility Data Release Authorization Form (CEC-12) and the Facility and Service Account Information Form (CEC-24) to:

PLEASE NOTE: The information form (CEC-24) must remain in electronic format. It must not be scanned by a copier along with the Utility Data Release Authorization form and it must not be handwritten.

Make the most of your Prop 39 dollars

A key component of having your Energy Expenditure Plans (EEP) approved is a strong savings-to-investment ratio for the measures in your plan. PG&E offers rebates on key products and targeted incentives for schools. The rebates can decrease the cost of the measures in your plan. PG&E can help you take advantage of the rebates that can bring you closer to the optimal savings-to-investment ratio.

Explore key programs and resources for schools

Following are programs for increasing energy efficiency in schools:

LED Lighting icon

LED lighting solutions

  • T-8 classroom and office lighting delamping and replacement
  • Parking lot and exterior area lighting
  • High/low bay (for gymnasiums or MP rooms)
HVAC Solution icon

HVAC solutions

  • Unitary Air-Cooled Equipment, Three Phase AC and Heat Pumps
  • Enhanced Controlled and Demand Control Ventilations
  • Demand Control Kitchen Ventilation in high production kitchens
Kitchen equipment icon

Discover kitchen equipment that saves energy and water

The following kitchen equipment can help your school save energy and water:

  • Commercial combination and convection ovens
  • Commercial hot food holding cabinets and steamers
  • Ice machines and low-flow kitchen nozzles