Learn about the latest updates of the program

PLEASE NOTE: The CSI program is now closed and is no longer accepting new applications.


Changes for customers who participate in the Performance Based Incentive projects:

In December 2015, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) approved changes to the CSI-General Market Program, which implemented an expedited buyout structure for all new and existing Performance Based Incentive (PBI) projects. Previously, all PBI projects report actual monthly production for five years or 60 payments. Starting December 31, 2016, the timeline for PBI projects will be shortened to a minimum of 24 months, followed by a lump sum buyout for the remaining estimated production for the final three years.



Program incentive structure

The California Public Utilities Commission, through CSI, provided more than $2.1 billion in incentives for existing commercial, residential, industrial and agricultural properties. The program is designed to encourage high-performing solar systems. Business solutions and amounts paid back differ depending on the type of property and size of the system.


Expected performance-based buydown (EPBB)

Provides a one-time, up-front payment based on an estimate of a solar system’s future energy-generation performance or expected performance-based buydown. Systems with larger capacity receive higher payments.


Performance-based incentives (PBI)

Required for solar projects with systems larger than 30 kilowatts (kW). Monthly amounts paid back for two-five years are based on the actual energy generated by the system, measured by a separate performance meter. If a solar project is less than 30 kW, you can apply for this incentive as long as your system is more than 10 kW.