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You know it firsthand – businesses across California are working overtime to improve their bottom line. That often means doing more with less. When it comes to your energy use, you actually can do more with less. The benefits of energy efficiency are big, with everything from financial savings to increased customer comfort, improved public image and a smaller carbon footprint. But the price tag to make certain energy-saving upgrades can be big, too. That’s where we come in.


PG&E’s On-Bill Financing (OBF) program helps you accomplish your energy efficiency retrofit projects by keeping money in your pocket. Any project on our rebate list that meets the required OBF loan amount and payback period qualifies! We offer loans ranging from $5,000 to $100,000 with up to five years for repayment.


Connect with us and choose your project

There’s a qualifying upgrade sure to help you boost your business. You can use OBF to upgrade your lighting, food service equipment, HVAC system, refrigeration and more. Remember to consider not only the energy cost savings, but all the other benefits, too. New LED lighting can increase employee productivity and create a more secure, welcoming environment for customers. Upgraded HVAC systems can improve ventilation, which can help keep occupants healthy and comfortable. And that’s just the beginning. Reach out to your PG&E Customer Relationship Manager to begin the process and for help selecting the project that will most benefit your business. Not sure who your Customer Relationship Manager is? Contact Business Customer Service.


Be sure your business and your project qualify for OBF

In addition to qualifying for PG&E rebates, projects must have sufficient energy cost savings to repay the loan within five years.  


Eligible business customers must have a PG&E business account that has been continuously active for the past 24 months and has been in good standing for the past 12 months, as established by a payment history screening. 


Save and pay

You’ll use your energy cost savings to pay off the OBF loan directly through your monthly PG&E energy bill. It’s a flat monthly payment calculated based on estimated monthly energy savings. 


Take Two: REAL savings success 

Join these businesses (and countless others) that are enjoying all the benefits of energy efficiency.


Mill Valley Market – Saved 42% on their 2015 energy bill 

This small, full-service grocery store offers local artisan and sustainable products. By upgrading their HVAC compressor, replacing the air-cooled HVAC condenser and retrofitting low-temperature display cases with anti-sweat heater controls, they saved money and easily achieved a green business certification. 


The results:

Annual energy costs: $48,333

Percentage of energy savings: 42%

Estimated annual energy savings: $20,429

Rebates and OBF:

Total rebates earned: $22,244

Total loan amount: $100,000

Payback period: 4.9 years


Dante Club – Saved 43% on their 2015 energy bill 

A large event and party facility, Dante Club completed several upgrades to their outdoor lighting. Exterior lighting was upgraded with LED wall packs and recessed downlights and exterior floodlights were retrofitted with LEDs. 


“The best thing to come out of this project is the amount and quality of the LED parking lot lights we had installed. They made such a huge difference in the brightness of our facility.” – Michael Pellegrino, Owner, Dante Club


The results:

Annual energy costs: $20,027

Percentage of energy savings: 43%

Estimated annual energy savings: $8,697


Rebates and OBF:

Total rebates earned: $1,790

Total loan amount: $13,370

Payback period: 1.5 years


Start saving now! Upgrade with OBF. Your customers, employees and bottom line will all benefit. For more information, visit Energy Efficiency Financing. Or, contact Business Customer Service. You can also download the OBF Handbook.