Top 3 Articles for Explaining the Benefits of Adaptive Exterior Lighting

David J. Alexander
Top 3 Articles for Explaining the Benefits of Adaptive Exterior Lighting

Aesthetics and security are important to California business owners, but not all of them have time to research the information they need to take on large building projects. This is especially true with lighting projects, as there are numerous options for multiple uses.

When business owners face a modern lighting problem that goes beyond their scope of knowledge, they require actionable guidance from experienced professionals. Lighting professionals can clear up a lot of confusion around adaptive exterior lighting and strengthen their customer relationships by empowering customers with information. The modern customer seeks outside information to learn more about system upgrades before feeling comfortable enough to make a purchase. By validating your recommendation to invest in adaptive exterior lighting with expert articles from a source customers trust and know, your customers are already on their way to buying.

Provide facts and stats to support your customers’ needs

Lighting contractors can refer customers to the Business Resource Center on the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) website for relevant articles about commercial sustainability and modern lighting technology. But first, start with some relevant, cost-saving facts to get them started.

The facts and stats you provide as a contractor can shape the decisions customers make later on, so provide them with applicable information. For example, according to research conducted by the California Lighting Technology Center (CLTC), California businesses can save 30% to 75% in energy expenses by choosing high-quality adaptive exterior lighting.1 Furthermore, utilizing modern lighting technology helps businesses achieve a reduction in material, recycling and labor costs compared to a typical lighting system.

For a more comprehensive guide on adaptive exterior lighting and how this technology is conveyed to its customers, you can refer them to the following articles on PG&E’s Business Resource Center. These articles are available along with other materials and free eBooks to help businesses make the right decisions for their buildings and workspaces.

Top 3 PG&E articles on adaptive exterior lighting

  1. "Thinking Beyond the Bulb with Exterior Lighting Solutions"

This comprehensive article introduces customers to the concept of adaptive exterior lighting, offering a list with examples of the various types. Exterior lighting is certainly more than just the bulb and this article delves into the benefits of thinking of it as an entire system.

This article is best suited to customers who are looking for a thorough explanation of the technology, as it provides a step-by-step guide to help business owners make the best decision for their business. Read more

  1. “See Your Business in a Different Light: Why It Pays to Use Adaptive Exterior Commercial Lighting”

High-quality light-emitting diode (LED) luminaires have declined in price, improved in quality and features, and their increased availability makes their installation a greater possibility for budget-minded business owners. This article focuses on the budgetary aspect of implementing adaptive exterior lighting. It explains how pairing certain technologies, such as luminaires with motion controls, can significantly reduce lighting energy use. It also underscores the importance of working with a qualified, commercial lighting contractor. 

This article provides guidance on modern light technology pairings for optimal commercial lighting sustainability. Business owners can also find information on rebates and incentives to reduce upfront expenditures. Read more

  1. “The Evolution in Exterior Lighting: Can Your Business Adapt?”

This article cites a case study that illustrates how a large university made the switch to adaptive exterior lighting and the benefits it experienced as a result. After identifying the areas in need of an upgrade, the university installed a networked adaptive LED retrofit that ended up saving approximately 1 million kilowatt-hours and nearly $100,000 in electricity and maintenance costs.

Sometimes success stories can be the tipping point for customers who were previously wavering on a purchase. This article makes the case for adaptive exterior lighting with a success story many businesses can achieve. Read more

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