Tips to get your service request processed smoothly

Tips to get your service request processed smoothly

Gas or electric service connection times will vary depending on the complexity of your project and number of requests we have in progress. If you’re just getting started on a new service or expanding on an existing one at your business, we’re here support you and make sure your project stays on schedule

Our Customer Service Manager, Nicholas Domich and Service Planning Supervisor, Jennifer Betancourt put together a list of tips for you to consider when submitting your service request. Whether you run a food processing plant, manage an office building, or operate a logistical hub, review these tips for effective planning of your service applications.

  • Use our online portal for faster processing. Submit your application online at "Your Projects." Use this portal to track your application status and make updates to your project.
  • Provide contact information for all related parties. To avoid billing and correspondence delays, list customer and contractor contact information separately. Always double check phone numbers and email addresses to ensure accuracy.
  • Outline all electrical load needs. When submitting your application, have vital electrical load data like panel size and voltage for your project handy. Define the types of new load in kVA.
  • Be ready to upload visuals. A site plan, single line diagrams, and/or a map will give us a clear understanding of meter location and existing impediments.
  • Consider project costs in your planning. Once your application processes, you can expect to pay a deposit for the design phase calculated. Any unused portion would get applied to the construction phase.
  • Apply early. Submit your application as soon as you have your project details. Design process can take up to 8-12 weeks, which determines the length of the construction phase.

To learn more visit our Building and Renovations Services site, or call 1-877-743-7782 to connect with one of our experts.