Save money and energy with Automated Demand Response

Save money and energy with Automated Demand Response

Are you looking for ways to reduce your energy bill? Does your business need to set up or update energy controls? PG&E's Automated Demand Response Program is an easy way to get rewarded for automating energy management systems and adopting new energy-efficient technologies.

Automated Demand Response removes the day-to-day need to manage your energy controls by using the smart technology of your choice, no matter what industry sector you're in.

Get up to 75% off implementation costs and $200 per kilowatt, plus:

  • Free or reduced cost installation and equipment programming
  • Shorter payback time, free technical help and customized savings strategies
  • Direct payment or payment sent to a vendor or contractor

Additionally, discover more ways to save through Automated Demand Response pilots:

  • The Small and Medium Business Pilot is a new balance-sheet-neutral financing package with no upfront cost to you and a fixed, predictable bill rate each month. To participate or learn more, email
  • The Manage Your Power effort is a new offer that makes it easier for you to procure and install advanced control technologies with vetted contractors. To participate or learn more, email

For a free assessment of your facility, email We'll help you with incentives and energy saving strategies. Get more free tools and read success stories at Questions? Contact the Automated Demand Response team at 1-855-866-2205.