Safety First: Better Security with LED External Lighting

Safety First: Better Security with LED External Lighting

As light-emitting diode (LED) adoption continues to advance in the U.S. market, it provides significant opportunity for businesses to secure their space, particularly in outside areas, for the safety of their buildings, customers and employees. By converting to LED lighting, businesses become more cost-efficient and provide better quality light and nighttime visibility in such areas as parking garages, high-traffic pathways and outdoor stairwells.

Best outdoor applications
As LED lighting is forecast to represent over 75% of all lighting sales by 2030,1 businesses should consider it as the best option for efficient exterior lighting applications.

By installing LED fixtures in outdoor spaces, businesses can better control the areas covered by that light. That means much more of the produced light will cover its intended target areas. Such areas where LED lighting is especially effective include:

  • Parking lots and garages. Up to 50% more efficient than traditional lighting technology, LED parking lot lights can contribute to fewer dark spots in parking lots and an overall improvement in illumination quality.
  • High-traffic walkways. Because of their directional lighting capabilities and availability of styles and colors, LEDs can enhance security through better lighting while also creating a more appealing visual aesthetic.
  • Dock doors or recreational areas. Lighting controls use light when it is needed to reduce unnecessary energy consumption. Such products include occupancy sensors, photosensors, dimmers, timers and other products that can be applied with exterior LEDs. These products also help maximize the energy and cost efficiency of outdoor lighting while maintaining a high level of security.
  • Wall- and pole-mounted applications. Because of their diverse application usage, LEDs can be mounted in many different places, including walls and poles. That provides businesses and their lighting contractor or designer many opportunities to blend security with an aesthetic appeal that will draw attention to the building in a positive way.

    Working with a lighting contractor or designer to successfully apply exterior commercial lighting can help businesses maximize safety and security for their employees and customers. An added plus for businesses that utilize exterior commercial LED lighting is improved energy performance and cost efficiency.

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