October is Energy Action Month

October is Energy Action Month

October is National Energy Action Month, a nationwide effort to underscore the importance of energy conservation to our prosperity, security and the health of the environment. Energy Action Month promotes smart energy choices and highlights the fact that all of us make decisions every day that can reduce energy use and increase sustainability.

The federal government will be sponsoring activities and events throughout the month that feature clean energy and energy efficiency. You can help by taking steps to increase energy efficiency and improve sustainability in your facility.

Take action and spread the word

The following resources will help you save energy and implement a successful energy awareness campaign:

Energy awareness campaigns have been proven to help reduce energy use and save money. The secret to success is to get everyone involved. Start by forming an energy team with members from all departments. Get the support of upper management and publicize the results of your efforts. Reward individual staff members or departments that make significant contributions or achieve outstanding results. By implementing a successful campaign, you can make every month Energy Action Month at your facility.

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