Go energy efficient with Single Package Vertical Units

Go energy efficient with Single Package Vertical Units

Schools are often faced with finding a balance between budget pressures and attending to failing equipment. Our new rebates for Single Package Vertical Units (SPVU) are specially designed with schools in mind, making equipment upgrades and cost savings possible.

Key benefits of new SPVUs, making them ideal for schools, include:

  • Increased HVAC energy efficiency and better performance. Newer units come with outside air economizers and demand-controlled ventilation. They are a perfect replacement to the old, inefficient and noisy equipment often found in portable classrooms.
  • Increased classroom comfort and quieter operation. The SPVU is a compact through-the-wall packaged system, capable of quietly providing total heating and cooling functions with sufficient air-handling capacity―thus creating a comfortable learning and teaching environment.
  • Access to additional incentives. These rebate-eligible models also meet the Prop 39 funding guidelines.

Take advantage of available incentives while they last to increase energy efficiency and improve classroom comfort with these units! Remember funding is limited and timelines to meet summer installation can be tight.

To learn more, reach out to your PG&E Energy Efficiency Specialist by emailing us at schools@pge.com today!

  • Rebate Information: $250/ton
  • Eligible units are exterior mounted less than or equal to 4.5 tons, 11 EER, 3.25 COP SPVHP (less than or equal to 54,000 Btu/h) with integrated outside economizer and demand control ventilation.
  • Energy Savings Estimates: Average savings are 386 kWh/ton/yr. Depending on the climate zone the savings range from 306-840 kWh/tn/yr.