Energy Watch Program: Upgrades made easy

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When your business saves energy, it's good for your bottom line and great for the local community and environment. That's why PG&E has teamed up with local partners to create the Energy Watch Program.

The Energy Watch Program helps local businesses complete energy efficiency upgrades from start to finish. When you partner with the Energy Watch Program, an experienced project manager will work with you to ensure you make the best energy-saving equipment upgrades for your business and take advantage of all applicable financial incentives.

Successful upgrades in 1-2-3

The Energy Watch Program is designed to make your equipment replacements and upgrades as smooth and simple as possible. It's a streamlined three-step process:

  1. No- or low-cost energy assessment: Your Energy Watch Program project manager assesses your facility and provides recommendations for energy efficiency upgrades, such as interior and exterior LED lighting and refrigeration measures like anti-sweat heat controls.
  2. Professional installation: Your project manager will either connect you with trusted local contractors to install your new equipment or provide licensed technicians to complete the installation, with minimal disruption to your daily operations. Thanks to special oversight from your project manager, you can rest assured that your installations will move along as planned.
  3. Quality inspection: After the installation is complete, your project manager conducts a follow-up inspection to confirm that everything is working properly. You also receive a final energy report, highlighting the equipment installed and their projected energy savings.

Security and savings

Keeping costs manageable and safeguarding your upgrades are two core benefits of the Energy Watch Program.

  • Financial incentives: Your program project manager makes sure you receive all PG&E rebates you're eligible for. Plus, you may qualify for 0% interest financing through PG&E's Energy Efficiency Financing program, with no credit check required. This allows you to make the improvements you need now while spreading the costs over time.
  • Equipment warranties: The Energy Watch Program protects your investment with a one-year warranty, where if any of the installed measures malfunction, they will service them at no cost to you. The program stands behind the equipment, giving you peace of mind.

Learn more about Energy Watch

With 22 Energy Watch Programs, covering 238 cities and 44 counties, there's sure to be one near you. Let's see how you can upgrade your equipment to improve your bottom line. Find the Energy Watch Program in your area to get started.