Energy-efficient agriculture for 2018

Energy-efficient agriculture for 2018

With the start of the New Year, there has never been a better time to evaluate new and more efficient farming practices. PG&E is proud to support our agriculture customers in sustainability, conservation and cultivation. We want you to get more out of your land while using less energy. To aid in this effort, we offer various programs and products to help you save energy and money.

Below are some of our rebates and programs to help you kick off the new year, while meeting regulatory standards, improving your crop quality, lowering production costs and reducing equipment maintenance.

Agriculture rebates and incentives

We offer various energy efficiency rebates, incentives and educational and technical support programs for energy-efficient equipment. You can find money and energy-saving solutions for your irrigation, lighting and refrigeration systems below.

Irrigation solutions

Whatever your pump needs, we have ways to help you boost efficiency and save energy. From small pump adjustments and replacements to large pump testing and overhauls, there's an affordable way to improve pump performance and realize possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in energy savings.

The Advanced Pumping Efficiency Program (APEP) offers technical assistance and subsidized pump efficiency tests for eligible customers, as well as pump retrofit and replacement incentives for pumps of all sizes. You could receive cash incentives that cover 50% of your project cost! Plus, PG&E offers retrofit rebates of $75/hp for pumps of 25 hp or less.

Irrigation pump variable frequency drive (VFD) rebates are available for retrofitted and new well and booster pumps. PG&E offers rebates of $30/hp/motor. We can also help you switch from sprinkler to drip irrigation systems, which reduce water, energy and maintenance costs and allow you to grow crops even in areas with limited water supply. You could qualify for rebates of $44/acre.

Lighting solutions

Not only can quality, energy-efficient lighting help you save energy and money, it can also help your employees be more productive and comfortable. Energy-efficient LED bulbs have extremely long lifespans, stand up to cold temperatures, feature instantaneous switch-on and dimming capabilities and more. You can bring the benefits of better lighting to your farm. We offer LED lighting rebates in the following categories:

  • LED troffers and integrated troffer retrofit kits
  • Interior LED high-bay and low-bay lighting fixtures
  • LED exterior area lighting

HVAC/Refrigeration solutions

Maintaining a comfortable temperature and sufficient airflow for employees and a proper temperature for refrigeration systems is essential to daily operations. PG&E has HVAC rebates for everything from gas furnaces to advanced digital economizer control (ADEC) systems to efficient evaporator fan motors for refrigerators, and evaporator fan controllers for walk-in coolers and freezers.

Conclusion: We're ready to help you maximize smart energy solutions this year. Reach out to us through the Ag Hotline at 1-877-311-FARM [3276]. You can also email us at Be sure to explore all of our resources for agricultural customers, including the complete business rebate catalog for ag and food processing (PDF, 1.6 MB).